A Victorian House Restoration – Fullerton CA

I wanted to post some before, During and After photos of the restoration of my friends home – a late Victorian style architecture in Fullerton, California. Unfortunately, my iphone took a shit and I lost most of the photos, so there are only 4 that I was able to recover from my buddy. For my next blog post I should write a story on the importance of backing up your iphone… but I digress. On to the Victorian…

Built in 1910, only 117 years after King Louis was guillotined (in 1793) and 17 years before the Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpet (1927). Taft was president, and Fathers Day was first celebrated. It was a time when women’s dresses on rare occasion would reveal their ankles and popular songs of 1910 were “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and “Down by the Old Mill Stream”.

vic-side_gable  vic-side_gable_after

It was then on October 1, 1910 when the Lane family moved into their brand new home with nothing but the future before them. Since then the seasons have passed, as have its many residents, but the house has lived on. Allot of secrets of the past are buried within its walls, and memories – some happy and some sad, now silently echo through its halls. (so poetic of me, right?)

Sadly, as you will see in the photos, the house was in poor shape cosmetically since it was neglected for many years. The house needed to be what it was designed to be. The goal was to restore the house back to its original “vick” era splendor of the early 1900’s as accurately as could be. Many mistakes were made before my friend went back to school to study Historic Preservation. He should have just called me.

This house is not really special or unique in its architectural design or style. There are a ton of similar style houses from the same period all over. Unfortunately almost all have been drastically updated making them indistinguishable from how they were designed to look. They just go unnoticed while the grand Victorians get the spotlight. So here is his restoration to bring the average person’s house back to life. And it’s not a bad job. You can read more on old house restoration here.

vic-house_before_front  vic-house_after_painting