Facebook Advertising for Realtors

If you are a realtor or real estate agent, Finding an ideal customer or client can be a difficult task by itself but trying to find an entirely new stream of customers is even harder.  If you aren’t sure who your ideal customer is, then you should give this a read because your business is going to go downhill without that answer.  

You Need to be Using Facebook Ads.


That’s right, if you are a real estate agent, you need to be using Facebook ads for Real Estate Agents. You should take the time and consider what is the perfect client.

Imagine their gender, the level of education that thy have, how much extra money do they have to spend on products/services like yours, their habits and their hobbies, what type of car do they drive or in what part of the neighborhood do they live?  The list of questions can go on forever but you should have, at least, some form of answers to what forms your perfect client. This might sound like a tad too much but, in reality, you need to know it and get answers to these, sometimes ridiculous, questions.

The better you can visualize your perfect sale, the better you can answer the questions about your marketing, how to go after new leads, and what would be the best places to spend ad money.  The best method we have for doing this is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

If you can see the purchase from their perspective, you will be able to better set yourself up for a successful sale.  Make sure to write down your answers and the questions so that you can reference these later.


Once you have the questions and answers, you will be able to research better business solutions to the existing problems.  You will also be able to see what solutions your business provides to your customers with these answers.  Can you provide the answers they need and do you have the appropriate products or services to help them?  Put yourself in the best position to obtain, handle, and provide answers to new customers.

How to sell a probate house you inherited

We hear that an extensive measure here at Buy My Fixer of Southern California. Generally called We Buy Probate Houses, Buy My Fixer is the fundamental home buyer in So Cal and has been since 2007. They purchase homes each day for money, and they’ll purchase yours also, paying little respect to what condition it’s in.

Horder Probate House

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We Buy Probate Houses

It doesn’t make a difference what kind of monstrous home you have, Buy My Fixer might want to make a no commitment money offer to buy your home for money. Whether your house is cosmetically monstrous, has revolting auxiliary or repair issues, or has you hostage in an appalling circumstance, you can depend on Buy My Fixer to act the hero with a quick and reasonable money offer.

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You’re never dedicated to offer your home to Buy My Fixer just to make an offer, and we don’t charge any costs, ever. Our method is clear and won’t incurred significant damage you a thing.

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