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Facebook Advertising for Realtors

If you are a realtor or real estate agent, Finding an ideal customer or client can be a difficult task by itself but trying to find an entirely new stream of customers is even harder.  If you aren’t sure who your ideal customer is, then you should give this a read because your business is […]

How to sell a probate house you inherited

We hear that an extensive measure here at Buy My Fixer of Southern California. Generally called We Buy Probate Houses, Buy My Fixer is the fundamental home buyer in So Cal and has been since 2007. They purchase homes each day for money, and they’ll purchase yours also, paying little respect to what condition it’s in. […]

A Victorian House Restoration – Fullerton CA

I wanted to post some before, During and After photos of the restoration of my friends home – a late Victorian style architecture in Fullerton, California. Unfortunately, my iphone took a shit and I lost most of the photos, so there are only 4 that I was able to recover from my buddy. For my […]

Find Bargain Deals for Home Improvement Projects

Shop The Bargain Paint Racks For Thrifty Home Improvement While home remodeling can be very fun and exciting it can also be a very stressful experience. If you are unsure what your first steps should be then you should definitely keep reading. Utilize the advice in this article, and you may just be amazed by what […]

Hire the Best Room Addition Contractor

Orange County ROOM ADDITIONS These guys are the best. I’ve know many contractors in my day and I can tell you these guys work hard without all the bullshit most contractors today try to pull. Singer Construction room addition contractors – These Orange County room addition experts have the experience, tools, and dedicated work ethic to […]

Tattoo Health Risks

I love tattoos and I have several, but you need to think and ask questions before you go under the needle. Ask your tattoo artist some questions and make sure you are going to a reputable shop. Before you get that dolphin tattooed on your ankle or “Mom” on your bicep, be warned: The ink used in tattoos […]

Starbucks Secret Menu Items

The oatmeal latte might be the best fucking thing I’ve ever discovered! A breakfast that fills you up and caffeinates you at the same time is essentially the solution to every busy-morning problem, right? If it’s not on a coffee shop menu near you, don’t worry: we figured out the easiest way to hack it […]

10 Things to Know About Restaurant Remodeling

If your restaurant has been open for 10 years and business is good, that’s something to be grateful for. But at some point it becomes time to reinvest in your own success to keep the restaurant relevant in an ever-growing landscape of bright, shiny, exciting new openings. You are going to need to do a restaurant remodel. […]